College Prep Courses

College Prep Courses

All students in Grades 11 & 12 are required to take College Prep Courses.

Grade 11 College Prep

Students explore their interests and learn about the many different careers there are in this world!

They also reflect on all their achievements thus far, begin creating student portfolios, writing personal statements and application essays, and constructing resumes. 

Grade 12 College Prep

Students continue to build on their student portfolios and resumes while also refining their application essays.

Students prepare and submit applications to universities and programs all around the world.

College Counseling Meetings

Each senior has several one-on-one meetings with the College Counselor. Together they work to create their university application lists, schedule deadlines, edit personal statements and finalize all aspects of their applications to each university.

Meet Our College Prep Team

Grade 12 College Prep, College Counselor

Ms. Carole Ketnourath

Head of Academic Affairs

Mr. Michael Oakley